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Selling a business

Posted by Murphy Business Broker – Shelly Stansfield on

Two recent discussions are worth considering when thinking of about selling your business. One gentleman wants to sell his business to a couple employees in a couple of years and the other wants to sell in 10 years. TWO YEAR GOAL: A moderately successful business owner and I discussed having a business valuation completed on his business so it could be listed ...
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Small Business Seller’s Wish List

Business Sell Selling a business

Posted by Murphy Business & Financial Corporation LLC on

Today we are offering a wish list for a typical seller of a small business. Entrepreneurs who are selling their companies, as well as those looking to purchase, generally agree on what would make the process more seamless overall. What the seller wants: A qualified buyer – This not only means someone with the financial resources to meet a down payment ...
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Develop a Negotiation Strategy when Selling a Business

Sell a Business Selling a business

Posted by Murphy Business & Financial Corporation LLC on

When you begin to negotiate the sale of the business, you will be much better off if you have developed a personal plan and have prioritized which items in the deal are the most important to you and which items you can compromise on and still accomplish your objectives. Prioritize which items are most important in the sale. In every business sale there is ...
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Think Like a Buyer When Selling Your Business

Buying a business For Buyers For Sellers Selling a business

Posted by Business Broker Russell Cohen on

When you’re hoping to sell your business there are a number of things to be concerned about. There are a few ways you can get a step-up on your buyer and anticipate their moves before they have thought them up themselves. If you want to swim with the piranhas you’re going to have to nip a few toes; if you want to sell your business, you’re going to ...
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